More times of celebration!

We sisters held a bridal shower for Kathryn at our church last week – we enjoyed meeting some of Joel’s relatives, as well as the fellowship with close friends and ladies from our church. It was a blessing to see everyone’s love and generosity toward Kathryn!

We had a gardening theme since Kathryn loves working outdoors so much. We also had a “flower journal” which each of the ladies wrote to Kathryn in, either telling her a flower that she reminds them of or a flower she could try to be like.

Julianna, Carolyn, Lydia and Daniel did most of the decorating – it turned out to be quite lovely!

Susanna made this beautiful fruit cascade.

Mom welcomed the ladies, and Joel’s mom shared a word of encouragement with Kathryn, after which we had some games!

As she opened each gift, Kathryn shared how she knew the lady who had given it to her, and how they had impacted her life, or Joel’s life.

Joel’s mom, Lori made this cross-stitching for Kathryn and Joel.

A gift from the “Junior Department” – Susanna, Julianna, Carolyn and Lydia. Julianna did the actual painting on the wood round.

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Philippians 2:13