Mission Accomplished!

This week, we received our new Christmas CD project in the mail – it is now officially ready for distribution! It was a long process to put it together, and we’re grateful for Matthew and his friend Bobby McKeever who spent hours mixing and mastering. And now, finally, we have the hard copies in our possession. Praise the Lord!

As Lydia continues learning photography with Lenspiration, she’s been given a series of photography assignments. This week the assignment was to take a picture of a massive rock to illustrate the hymn, “Hiding in Thee”. She was trying to think of a place that she could go where there are massive rocks, since they’re not necessarily all that plentiful around here.

She, Daniel and our cousin Michael who’s visiting for a few weeks hiked up to Roaring Brook Falls near our house early Tuesday morning to scout out the area for massive rocks. They decided they’d hike up again the next morning and try to take some pictures along Roaring Brook.

Then Dad came along later that afternoon, and told them that he had somewhere in mind that they could go where there are massive rocks. But they would have to get up early to go there. Where was it? That was a surprise.

5:30 AM Wednesday morning found Lydia, Julianna, Daniel, Michael and Dad climbing into the car and setting out on an adventure.

They drove for about an hour and ended up in East Lyme, CT at Rocky Neck State Park. The name sounded promising…

Turns out the park doesn’t open until 8 AM, so they found a nearby boat launch which was open to the public, and since Daniel had his fishing poles with him, Lydia, Michael and Daniel stayed there to fish while Dad and Julianna went to find some breakfast.

They didn’t see any fish but, hey, they had fun anyways.

Then, back to Rocky Neck State Park, which was now open.

“Hey, Lydia, you wanted a massive rock…”

After finding a picnic table and eating breakfast, the guys went to do more fishing while Dad and the girls found some rocks.

Some of the rocks had very unique shapes to them!

They saw this deer in the woods as they were walking through the park.

“O safe to the Rock that is higher than I,
My soul in its conflicts and sorrows would fly;
Alone I would perish, undone would I be;
Thou blest “Rock of Ages,” I’m hiding in Thee.”

-William O. Cushing