Winter Snap

January in New England is typically snowy. This year our winter has been warm with icy snaps of arctic air in between. Our first real winter storm brought soggy snow that turned into rain and iced every tiny branch with glacier beauty. We reveled in the sparkling wonderland in the day and glistening moonlight at night.

Here are snapshots of what January held for us this year!

Matthew planned a surprise birthday party for N’gella – and she didn’t suspect a thing! We painted these pallet flags as a birthday present for her.
Snow shoveling crew on the road!
Here’s what we ladies did for fun on a Sunday afternoon: we lined up a bunch of instruments, put numbers in a hat and were each assigned a number that was associated with the various instruments. Then we had to play a random hymn from the hymnal on whatever instrument we got. We had lots of laughs, for sure!
Our first combo wasn’t so bad, with Julianna and Lydia both playing their own instruments. Susanna, well, she just honked away on Daniel’s baritone.
Where else would you hear a banjo, piano and tambourine trio?
Can you tell we love being together?

Everything was coated in ice!

Lydia is grateful for willing sisters that brave the cold for the sake of a photo!
…and fun memories.
“Praise ye the LORD: for it is good
to sing praises unto our God;
for it is pleasant; and praise is comely.
He giveth snow like wool…
He casteth forth his ice like morsels:
who can stand before his cold?
Praise ye the LORD.”
Psalm 147:1, 16-17, 20