Peek Behind a Photo Shoot

Have you ever thought that your day was clear and pretty much empty, and then something splashes into your peaceful pool and you’re suddenly full to the brim?

Our patriotic concert plans were something like that.

We had mentally checked it off as a casualty to the creeping effects of the virus when we got the call. Yes, we were still on to do a concert, live-streamed, in a little more than four weeks.

So, first things first, we scheduled a family photo shoot.

Some folks reading this blog post have already seen the pictures. But what you haven’t seen are the pictures behind the pictures.

Yankee Doodle, ready to ride his pony to town!
You’re a grand old….Texas flag??

Looking at this photo, it might appear that Matthew has officially been established as the President of the Accordion Club…

Sometimes things don’t quite go as planned, like when the boy who doesn’t play the flute ends up holding it in the picture because the flute player has her hands full with a fussy baby!

In the end, we got some nice pictures and the rain stayed away. After getting ourselves into that red-white and blue spirit, we trooped indoors to eat an all-American meal of hamburgers topped with cheese!

The Bennett Family – Summer 2020

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  • Hi there Bennett family – Earlier in the week, we were going to try to make it there today, but it didn’t work out. The 3 of us watched the live stream of the Declaration Celebration this morning. It was Great! As soon as the horse back riding mailman said “Rachel”, I wondered if the little birthday girl would be getting a letter from him! How adorable!!! – It is so good that your family & others put the time and energy into this. It’s very important to keep remembering, (& for some of us, to learn) our history… Thank you for all you do! In Christ, Barbie Kornak

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