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While the first day of spring brought several inches of snow to New England, indoors Kathryn's seedlings are sprouting. She'll try to grow just about anything she can get seeds for (she once successfully grew a five-inch watermelon), and is currently nurturing potato, pepper and tomato plants.

That's a potato plant

Meanwhile Lydia is busy marking music for orchestra

We were happy to finally get a little bit of snow on the ground! We got about eight inches, and enjoyed every bit of it.

It took a little bit of work to find the icicle that was willing to pose for this picture :) The trick is to find one that is not dripping too fast or too slow, and then.....take a lot of pictures!!!!

The icicle photographer

We had a very lovely, very busy Christmas season with concerts at churches, nursing homes and senior centers, celebrating in song the birth of Jesus Christ. It is really wonderful how Christmas music lifts people's spirits.

We even played outdoors :)


Wiping the bells down after a concert

Having fun setting up microphones for our Elim Park concerts

It's always fun to have family help out... our cousin Ryan manned the sound board for both of the Elim Park concerts

One thing we enjoy each November is packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. The Christian disaster relief organization Samaritan's Purse partners with churches around the world to distribute shoeboxes filled with toys and practical items to children in difficult situations. This year our church had a packing party; each week people brought in items and empty shoeboxes, and then one Saturday we packed the shoeboxes, with a total of over 80 boxes.

Empty shoeboxes waiting to be wrapped with colorful paper

We enjoyed a trip up to Canada to visit our grandmother and gave a concert/chalk drawing at her church. We had a fine time fellowshipping with old friends, soaking in the vibrant foliage, savoring the maple flavor that shows up at every turn, some poutine (french fries topped with gravy and cheese--a regional favorite), meat pie, homebaked beans and more. As the French say, "C'est bon!" Here are some snapshots of the trip.

One of Kathryn's projects while we were there was to paint a farm scene on a saw as a wallpiece. Here she is prepping with all her colors close at hand.

Here is the finished product!

At the annual Cheshire Fall Festival this year, we and other Cheshire residents had a once-in-a-lifetime experience.Ever since we were little, we have heard local VFW Post Commander John White drilling into Cheshire residents the unique position Cheshire has of being the hometown of two Medal of Honor recipients: Sergeant Eri Woodbury of the Civil War and Colonel Harvey Barnum (USMC) of the Vietnam War. Mr. White worked with state & local officials to get a portion of the main road that runs through Cheshire to be named the "Medal of Honor Memorial Highway" in honor of these two men. At the Fall Festival, a dedication ceremony for this would include a speech by none other than Colonel Barnum himself! We were honored to meet him in person: he is a warm, personable man who wears his Medal well. He said, "I am a custodian of this medal and I wear it in honor of the Marines and Navy men with whom I was privileged to serve." 

Local VFW Post Commander John White 

Colonel Harvey Barnum

What a memorable day!

How have the Bennetts been lately? Just peachy!! Jonathan came home with 35 pounds of peaches from a guy who had too many peaches dropping in his yard.The girls spent an entire Saturday transforming them into a variety of tasty treats. 

Susanna, Julianna, Lydia & ElizabethBesides our peach products we also baked homemade bread/rolls, M&M cookies and zucchini bread.What a blessing it was to spend a happy day in the kitchen together. 

We were blessed to be part of Friendship Night at our Church (Olivet Baptist Church, Hamden, CT). We are praising God for His blessing as we saw many folks come out and the gospel was presented through song, and clearly through the chalk drawing.

Activities throughout June and July!