Happy 40th, Dad & Mom!

July 28th marked Dad & Mom’s 40th wedding anniversary, and we siblings planned a surprise family formal dinner for the following weekend.

We divided tasks up amongst ourselves and everyone had a job to do to prepare for a successful evening.

Preparations began on Friday, with work in the yard…

Carolyn doing some weedwhacking
Julianna mowing the lawn

And in the kitchen!

Susanna cooking potatoes
Lydia melting chocolate for the dessert

Then on Saturday, Dad and Mom had a funeral to attend in Rhode Island, which left us to prepare the rest of the food, setup and decorate the yard while they were gone. They had no clue what we were up to!

Jonathan and Lydia created the area for the dinner, and Julianna lent a hand with her skills in art for some signs that Lydia wanted to include in the decorations. Ruby is traditionally the gemstone for the 40th anniversary, so we used lots of red to decorate.

Jonathan did the work of creating the area in the yard for the dinner.
Lydia doing the decorating

And finally, we were ready! There was a possibility of severe thunderstorms, but the Lord was gracious and held them off.

All done up and ready for the celebration!


Mom & Dad
Jonathan, Julianna, Carolyn

It’s hard to believe Rachel is a month old already! She is so precious.

Rachel Marie
Rachel and Kathryn
Joel & Kathryn and Rachel – aren’t they such a sweet little family?!
Content in Mommy’s arms

Joel made delicious appetizers

Matthew & N’gella

Susanna and Carolyn did a fine job in making a tasty, elegant main course!

Open-faced Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Daniel serving

Then for some games! Matthew and N’gella were in charge of planning the activities.

We played garden party games like giant tic-tac-toe and a game where we had to try to feel and identify what items were in paper lunch bags.


Our friends Keith and Rosanne were able to join us – they’ve been friends with Dad and Mom since before they were married so we have known them all our lives.

Dessert was home-made chocolate covered donuts with ice cream!

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you.”
(Matthew 6:33)
-the challenge at Dad & Mom’s wedding

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